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Benefits of Choosing Our Metro Vancouver Cleaning Services

Nov 9, 2023

Jana & Rousie

Looking for help to clean your home, office, or commercial building?

Are you currently looking for help to clean your home, office, or even a commercial building? If so, you've come to a good place! Gold Team Cleaning Services consists of a dedicated, professional team of cleaners who are able to do the cleaning tasks for you, and do them well!

If you're wondering more about whether we're the best solution for your cleaning needs, rest assured we are. Let's go over the benefits of choosing Gold Team and our Metro Vancouver BC-centered cleaning services.

Letting someone else do the hard work for you

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring a cleaning company is that you're saving yourself both the time and energy cleaning requires, so you can focus on other things on your to-do list that are higher priorities! Examples include taking care of a new baby, looking after children, going to appointments, finishing a big reno or construction project, getting ready to move into or out of a home or office, and time spent with family, pets, and friends.

There's already a whole slew of to-dos that relate to all of these higher priorities. Why add cleaning to the list when you know you can't afford the time or ability it needs to do so?

A family-oriented company that knows, you guessed it, family!

You will find families of all kinds across Vancouver, Canada, and the entire world, whether they consist of actual parents, pet owners, business owner networks, or construction workers in a company. We know it takes a village of families to raise others up and keep everyone happy and healthy, and sometimes having a clean home or office building can make that much-needed difference.

Gold Team's family consists of, that's right, a family! We know how big a task it is to have everything cleaned and ready for guests or new family members, or even for simply the next day. Some of our professional cleaners on the team have families themselves, so we know how tough you've got when it comes to looking after yours. We've got you covered and even provide the best solution for your cleaning needs!

We're only happy with our team when you're happy

What this means is we keep an eye on things involving your schedule and cleaning needs, and meanwhile we scrutinize and improve our cleaning services when it's needed. 

One example is an adjustment to your schedule; maybe you needed a lot of cleaning to start, but then life changed so you don't need a cleaner as often as before, so you need a monthly deep cleaning instead of weekly regular cleaning. 

This is a service we're proud to offer at a sliding scale (more on that below). 

Worried about costs? Don't worry

Going back to our sliding scale, our rates for cleaning services vary depending on a lot of factors. During an initial consultation with our leaders, we'll go over the more minute details involved with hiring a cleaning service, such as your tasks needed, the number of rooms or square footage to clean, scheduling, cleaners you're considering from our Gold Team, etc.

All of these factors contribute to our sliding scale for cleaner costs, although some of our staff's hourly rates are non-negotiable. This scale is also something to expect in our conversation.

At the end of the discussion however, you'll feel a great deal more confidence and satisfaction by hiring Gold Team! These sliding rates are based on your budget, so cleaning doesn't have to be out of your reach due to budget. 

We love being a local company!

Metro Vancouver is constantly growing as a strong, supportive community in the Vancouver BC area. We love being a part of it as a cleaning company! 

Overall, some benefits of cleaning services are way too good to pass on

  • You lack the time it takes to clean, deep or otherwise

  • You lack the energy to clean, or you're not able to for several reasons

  • You have too busy a schedule

  • There are too many responsibilities on your plate

  • You want to spend way more time with your family and not with the cleaning

  • Your to-do list is way too long already

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