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Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Are you a construction worker or have a home renovation going on? Gold Team can help clean the mess left behind from these extensive projects.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

If you're a construction worker or you're renovating your house or shed, you have probably heard about post-construction cleaning. Right? 

It turns out that many people know what the service is about, however they have no idea what the benefits are or if they'll meet their needs. For this, we have prepared this page that will answer your questions!

First of all: what is this kind of cleaning? It's a cleaning service that, as the name says, aims to clean and sanitize environments that have recently undergone post-construction and also post-renovation.

This activity has professional teams prepared to meet the most diverse demands, ranging from fine cleaning, responsible for extremely detailed cleaning, to rough cleaning, which is usually done after the services of masons and other construction professionals have finished.

This service is very comprehensive. It's indicated, basically, for all companies and people who need cleaning and organization of a recently reformed environment that contains dirt and waste.

Why Hire Gold Team?

Gold Team not only offers commercial cleaning, we offer assistance for this type of cleaning too! Our professional cleaners are always ready for several kinds of tasks, big or small. We carefully screen our team members before matching them to our clients' profiles. 

As our client you are involved from start to finish on what needs to be done by our team. We're all prepared to meet your own diverse demands.

"We have tried many cleaning services and honestly this team went above and beyond. Gold Team completed our list and had more time to do more. I would recommend this team to any one of my friends and family. Thank you again, we will be rescheduling." 

- Julian

"Great company, super good and tidy professional people. The owners are great and super involved in the process!"

- Naíssa Paixão

Happy Words from Happy Clients

What's Included in Post-Construction Cleaning?

  • Dusting

  • Vacuuming

  • Washing surfaces

  • Washing glass

  • Etc.

For a more comprehensive list please call us directly.

How much?

The cost of our services varies depending on several factors. Please call or email us directly for a free estimate.

Yes, I need help with post-construction/house renovation cleaning. What's next?

Click on the link below for a free estimate or can call us at (604) 401-2965.

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