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Cleaning Services FAQ

If you have a lot of questions about cleaning services, we've got some answers below! Keep reading to view our cleaning services FAQ. Please get in touch with us if you still have a question that wasn't answered here.

  • Can you use my cleaning supplies instead of yours?
    Yes! You can let us know during your initial consultation. The more details you can provide, the better.
  • Do you offer seasonal cleaning (spring, etc.)?
    Yes. Please note that this may extend the cost of your invoice as our cleaners may require more time for the tasks. A checklist is also required before we can confirm.
  • Are you hiring?
    Yes! Please call Gold Team directly if you're interested in a screening test. This test is part of our protocol before we hire new cleaners.
  • How do I submit feedback on your services?
    You can send an email or if you're very happy with our services, leave a review on Google here.
  • Are there cleaning tasks you won't do at your company?
    We don't do carpet stain removal. We can clean the carpets such as vacuuming, however the stains themselves are not included in our services. Other cleaning services that we won't do are balcony window cleaning if the height puts our cleaners at risk of harm. Blinds and wall stain removal services for messes that can't be cleaned on surface level are also not covered.
  • Do you offer laundry cleaning services?
  • Can I contact you if there's a cleaning emergency?
    Please call (604) 401-2965 during our office hours, which are Monday to Friday. We will not be able to take your emergency call on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • What does your deep cleaning include?
    Kitchen, inside and outside of cabinets, refrigerator, and oven. Bathrooms, inside and outside.
  • When would my home/office/building qualify for a deep cleaning?
    If there is an abundance of debris and dirt to remove, or a buildup of bacteria or mould is putting yourself at risk of illness.
  • What types of commercial buildings are you able to clean?
    Commercial offices, post-construction or renovation site offices, dental offices.
  • What types of homes are you able to clean?
    1-to-2 story houses, apartments, condominiums, luxury homes, townhouses.
  • Are there commercial buildings you will NOT clean?
    Hotels and any commercial building that already has a cleaning contract in place. We will also not clean balcony windows if it puts our cleaners' safety at risk.
  • Are there any homes you are NOT able to clean?
    Apartments, townhouses, and condominiums if the strata or landlord has certain cleaning contracts in place already.
  • What's covered in the free consultation?
    The number of rooms needing to be cleaned, checklists of tasks required, the sliding scale for your costs, and more.

Do you still have questions or concerns to share?

Contact us below for a free consultation using the form, or you can call us at (604) 401-2965.

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