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Move In Cleaning Service That You Can Count On

Need help to clean a house before you or someone moves in? Let Gold Team do that for you with our move in cleaning service.

Move In Cleaning Service That You Can Count On

Whether you’re moving into a home that hasn't been lived in for some time, or you need proper cleaning after a move out happened, moving anywhere is stressful and exhausting. There are so many steps to take ahead of time and you may not have either enough energy or time for move in cleaning meanwhile. 

So who can you rely on when you need time and energy to spare? The answer is simple: Gold Team! Our Vancouver BC-based cleaning company not only specializes in general cleaning for houses, we also perform differentiated cleaning services such as move in cleaning, among several others. 

Why Hire Gold Team?

Move in cleaning is one of our most sought-after services because it makes life that much easier for you.

Our protocol varies depending on a few things, so please clarify during your initial consultation with us. Mainly: are you the owner of the house you're selling, or do you have a landlord? If you have a landlord, did they recommend a building company with a fixed price? If yes, it may be feasible for you to go with them because this check-out will be complicated (this way, we'll avoid problems).

Whatever your needs, Gold Team can help. We're proud to have both the structure and the specialized manpower and stamina needed to attend to cleaning jobs of all sizes, using the latest generation cleaning equipment and special cleaning products. 

"We loved having Rouse and her staff at our home! Super fast, and they leave everything super clean and organized!!!! Highly recommend!!!"

- Luana Coutinho

Happy Words from Happy Clients

What’s included in the move in cleaning service?

When you hire Gold Team, you hire a team who is more than capable of performing the following move in cleaning tasks:

  • Kitchen - our cleaners will clean all the inside and out of cabinets, fridge, stove, oven,  sink, and floor. Walls are also included.

  • Bathrooms - the entire bathroom, including the walls.

  • Balcony - sweeping (we don't use water). We clean only the easily reachable glass in order to keep our cleaners safe. Depending on what is needed, it can take an additional 1 to 2 hours of service.

  • Blinds - we dust with a duster, not wash one by one. If the checklist requires professional cleaning of the blinds, we can provide a referral to other companies who offer this service.

  • Vacuuming - carpets. Stain removal is not included in the move in cleaning, but you are welcome to add this to your service. See more about our carpet cleaning solutions by clicking here.

  • Walls - we clean the kitchen and bathroom walls; we do not focus on the other walls. In this case, the client needs to inform us if there is any dirt at any point (of course, if there is a large and visible stain of dirt that can be removed with a damp cloth, we will clean it). We don't clean wall by wall, and we don't remove scratch marks from furniture that was touching.

We emphasize the walls because, in some cases and checklists, a strata asks for the walls to be as they were delivered at the beginning of the lease. As our focus is on cleaning the property, this task would be handled by a painter.

If the landlord complains about the cleaning, we kindly ask you to call us immediately to return to the place, and if possible, the landlord should report in writing what needs to be redone.

How long will the move in cleaning take?

A typical move in cleaning can take our cleaners 5 hours to perform all tasks. However, if the home needing to be cleaned is dirtier, then more time is needed to complete the above checklist. What takes up more time are refrigerators, ovens, and bathrooms.

How much does move in cleaning cost?

The cost of our services varies depending on several factors. Please call or email us directly for a free estimate.

Yes! I need help with move in cleaning. What's next?

Click on the link below for a free estimate or can call us at (604) 401-2965.

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