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7 Signs You Need to Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Oct 10, 2023

Jana & Rousie

Having a clean home or office doesn't have to be a dream!

Do you always feel like you're putting cleaning your home or office on your daily to-do list? This is pretty common for everyone, regardless of your lifestyle or your family or current events. However, having a clean home doesn't have to be a dream! That's why Gold Team is here to help you realize the best solution for your cleaning needs.

There are some signs more than others where you may need to hire professional cleaning services. These are the majorly big ones to think about.

1. You're always sick

Being sick or living with allergies regularly...whichever applies to your situation, it's not fun at all! When you're sick you need to prioritize rest, and that may be because you haven't been able to clean. And if your family members are also constantly getting sick, chances are high it's because of not so clean environments.

Whether you're constantly getting a cold or you deal with allergies year-round, a clean home or commercial space can alleviate those sickly symptoms you're experiencing. 

2. You work outside your home all the time

Your job may require you to work outside of the office all the time, which is normal. However, when you work outside of home all the time, it can mean coming home to a messy house, reminding you that you need to clean on top of that.

Cleaning is hard work, and you're already doing that at your job! That's where a professional cleaning company can help, making your home a much more enjoyable and pleasant place to come home to after a long hard day of work.

3. You have a new baby on the way

Let's be serious, kids can be sweet but they can also be very messy! Cleaning up after your children is a guaranteed task that never seems to get ticked off that to-do list you have. Now, add a new baby on the way to becoming part of your family, and you're faced with a whole ton more cleaning that you may be too overwhelmed and stressed out about to want to deal with.

New babies on the way are where our Gold Team can be, well, golden to have on your side! You can let our professional cleaners take care of the cleaning for you so you can focus less on these to-dos and more on both your family and new baby. This is a huge change in your life and you can count on us to help you take care of it!

4. You're expecting house guests

Nowadays more and more people plan large parties and events in their home, depending on the circumstances and their budgets. On top of getting everything ready for food and drinks, you're going to need a clean space both before and after the event takes place. 

Gold Team can provide one-time-only cleaning services that are just as professional as our scheduled ones, leaving you more time to spend on the event itself and less on those extra to-dos. 

5. Deep cleaning is needed

Sometimes even your regular cleaning isn't enough to cover all the tasks associated with caring for your home. This includes cleaning the inside and outside of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, the refrigerator, the oven, and if applicable the balcony. These all need proper care and maintenance, however it's all too easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning it alone. Not to mention skipping on deep cleaning leaves lots of room for harmful bacteria and mould to form over time.

So, don't do the deep cleaning alone! Instead you can notify your cleaning company if a deeper cleaning is required. Yes, it adds more time to your regular cleaners' schedule, and yes, it may cost a little more, but once it's done it means less worry about doing it for a long time. Deep cleaning can be done during any start of a season and if there's an importance coming up, such as a big party.

6. You're moving out or moving in to a new space

This process can be complicated because it depends on whether you're the owner of a property such as a condominium, or you're a landlord, or you own the property that's being moved in to or moved out of. Some move out processes can be tough overall and require extra cleaning.

There are a lot of checklists to go over and a lot of extra legwork involved with this type of cleaning. Hiring a professional cleaning team for these purposes is not only necessary, in most cases it's mandatory and following a protocol. 

7. You're part of a renovation project

Much like moving in or moving out cleaning, post-construction and renovation of a home or commercial space comes with a lot of dust and debris in the wake. You may already have enough on your plate trying to ensure every part of the space works correctly, such as the plumbing and electricity. Overseeing the project itself is also a big job altogether.

In these examples, again, hiring a professional cleaning service is a requirement. The cleaning team can oversee that the site where renovation and construction needs to take place is clean and ready for further activity, or the office where there's a lot of foot traffic and use is tidy and less likely to distract you from your own tasks.

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